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Bar Mop Towels Wholesale Collection

At Living Fashion, we offer exquisite Affordable Bar Mop Towels Wholesale collection for the hospitality industry. So, whether it is your chef preparing multiple dishes and want to wipe out oil spills, polish plates, pull the turkey from the oven, or polish off spilled alcohol; these soft, super-absorbent, and low maintenance towels are manufactured with 100% Soft Cotton and you can easily wash them in Machine.

Available in assorted vibrant colors and sizes, we manufacture Bar Mop Towels keeping the places to be cleaned and color of other clothes. Our towels are extremely popular in school, club, manufacturing, laundry, automotive, and Health Care Industry apart from bar and restaurants. We supply first quality factory fresh and quality bar towels at affordable rates and the best part is that you get Free Shipping also.

Grab a fresh stack of bar mop towels to maintains hygiene and preserve the surface because as they say “Everybody already got One”.

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