Soapy Washcloth – An Effective Hand Sanitizer Against Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

We are all aware of the ongoing deadly Corona Virus epidemic. The steps we take to prevent the risk of getting infected include social distancing, wearing masks, but most importantly, keeping our hands clean. Now, keeping our hands clean can be a really hard challenge considering the number of random surfaces we touch. Surfaces can be full of germs as people cough on them, throw infected tissue papers on them, and whatnot.

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After touching the dirty surfaces, what we can do to clean our hands is to wash them with a soap or a hand sanitizer. But what if you are in a situation where soap or even hand sanitizer is not accessible? Well, we are gonna talk about an effective way to clean your hands in case soap and hand sanitizer isn’t at hand.

We can use soapy washcloths stored in a plastic bag to clean our hands effectively. Although, it can give you a soapy feeling, but having  a soapy feeling is far much better than getting infected, no?

In order to do that, we take a washcloth and get it nice and wet. Then, rub a bar soap with washcloth or use a liquid soap. Then, store it in a plastic bag and seal it. As easy as pie! Now whenever we want to clean our hands, just take the washcloth out of the plastic bag, wipe our hands with it and then dry them with a paper towel.

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