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At Living Fashions, we are aware how essential Diabetic socks are. Many a times, if wrong socks are worn, it may lead to a variety of diabetic foot problems and hence, it is essential that good attention is paid to the kind of socks worn. Don’t want to settle for those cheap socks? Well, Living Fashions offers you those specialized Diabetic socks that are designed keeping in mind various foot problems.

Made up of 100 percent cotton, our diabetic socks are just perfect to give you that much-needed comfort. The main purpose of using cotton is because we know that harsh terry loop stitching can lead to lot of irritation.

Choose from a variety of Diabetic socks wholesale that come with cushions, extra paddings and seamless designs. Get complete protection for your foot from bacteria, fungus and friction. Moreover, our socks have non-binding tops so that constriction of legs is avoided.